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12 days - 11 nights Antarctica is said to be the coldest, driest and windiest place on earth, but that does not describe its attractions as a tourist destination. This immense wilderness is a fabulous and virtually pristine paradise for wildlife with an incomparable scenery of mountains, snow and ice. It is a privilege to visit this awe-inspiring continent and to experience the special magic that has lured explorers, adventurers and scientists for more than two centuries and - most recently - world travelers. Taking advantage of the long days at the height of the Austral summer, November through to March, we explore vast colonies of penguins, observe some of the great whales, watch hundreds of seals resting lazily on ice floes, and marvel at the extraordinary variety of shapes, sizes and color of icebergs. The vistas are magnificent, with towering glaciers and dramatic cliffs that drop almost vertically into the sea. Everything in Antarctica appears to be built on a scale that is larger than life. Join us on one of our exciting programs of voyages to the \"White Continent\". These adventure cruises offer the ultimate introduction to the White Continent. Departing from and finishing in the port of Ushuaia, Argentina, they include many of the wildlife and scenic highlights of the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands. They are designed to include as much wildlife viewing as possible but also incorporate visits to scientific bases and allow plenty of time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of icy waterways, glaciers, icebergs and rugged mountains. The itinerary shown here is for the 12-day voyage - the 11-day voyage has one day less along the Antarctic Peninsula. However, no two voyages can ever be exactly the same and so this itinerary is for guidance only. The Captain and Expedition Leader continually assess daily weather conditions and wildlife opportunities to take full advantage of the almost continuous daylight and to maximize time ashore. Although it is impossible to guarantee precisely what we will see, because sightings and encounters inevitably vary from trip to trip, we are confident that no-one will be disappointed. Few people have ever set foot on Antarctica but those fortunate few treasure precious memories of a unique, unforgettable experience. Ushuaia A chance to wander around Ushuaia, nestled between the spectacular snow-capped mountains of the Andes and the Beagle Channel, or to explore the surrounding wilderness areas. Embarkation begins later in the afternoon and, after we have settled into our cabins, the ship sets sail along the scenic Beagle Channel - heading east towards the Drake Passage. Drake Passage & South Shetland Islands Our journey across the famous Drake Passage, named after the 16th-century English navigator Sir Francis Drake, is an experience in itself. Our ship is accompanied most of the way by albatrosses - including the magnificent Wandering Albatross - along with an impressive variety of other seabirds. We have a good chance of spotting whales and dolphins and many different species have been encountered in these rich waters over the years. We also cross the Antarctic Convergence, a biological barrier where cold polar waters sink beneath the warmer waters of the more temperate zones. When land is sighted for the first time in two days (usually late afternoon on Day 4) we know we have reached the South Shetland Islands. This impressive group of islands, lying to the north and roughly parallel to the Antarctic Peninsula, is a haven for wildlife. We visit vast penguin rookeries, land on beaches ruled by Antarctic fur seals and observe wallowing southern elephant seals. We also hope to visit one of the many research bases in the archipelago and look for Antarctica\