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Aconcagua Trek - Plaza Francia and Plaza de Mulas

Type: Offer ( I Have)
Origen: Mendoza - Argentina
Destination: Mendoza - Argentina
Capacity: 10

Date out: 10-02-2007
Date Back: 16-02-2007

The Park is located 180 km (112 miles) west of Mendoza city approximately, in entirely Argentinian territories. It protects an important area of the Central Andes where Mt. Aconcagua reaches its highest peak: 6,962 m. (22,841 ft.). It is there where we develop our activities and provide services and logistic support for the expeditions.
Treks and ascents depart from Mendoza city. There you have to get your climbing permit, personally (your passport or ID will be required). After that, we hike to Penitentes and then to Confluencia, getting closer to Plaza de Mulas base camp. In Confluencia, before we reach the base camp, we stop two days to acclimatize properly and to visit Plaza Francia, from where you can contemplate the amazing South face of Mt. Aconcagua.
If you want to reach the summit, three or more high altitude camps will be necessary. The ascent is not technical, but it requires a good physical condition and, above all, appropriate gear so as to stand so low temperatures as the ones that characterize America’s roof.