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Mount Aconcagua and Mount Plata Expedition

Type: Offer ( I Have)
Origen: Mendoza - Argentina
Destination: Mendoza - Argentina
Capacity: 15

Date out: 01-02-2008
Date Back: 20-02-2008

Dos Seis Miles de America” is a program that offers two options, one is the possibility of undertaking an eight-day Mini Expedition to Mount Plata; the other option is to acclimatize at Mount Plata and then make a fast ascent to Mount Aconcagua.
Mount Plata (19.685,04 ft. above sea level) is set in Cordillera Frontal and it can be seen from Mendoza city, at 49,71 mi on the west side. This is the highest mount of the Cordón del Plata where there are also peaks of 13.123,36 ft and 16.404,20 ft.
Parque Provincial Aconcagua (Aconcagua Provincial Park) is located at about 111,85 mi west from Mendoza city, Argentinian territory. It protects an important area of the Central Andes which have their highest peak in Mount Aconcagua (22.841,21 ft. above sea level).
The ascent by the Normal Route is not technical but it demands good physical training and, above all, appropriate equipment for the very low temperature that is usual in this area.
The Aconcagua offers non-technical alternative routes, as the one called Falso Polacos. It goes through Quebrada del Río Vacas up to Plaza Argentina. From there it will be necessary to camp twice, the second time near the base of the Polacos glacier. The route skirts the mount to reach Piedras Negras, where there’s a junction with the regular route to the top.